SAP Case Study


SAP had an integration solution for their CRM application but their customers weren’t satisfied and were seeking expanded functionality. The growing cost to maintain their current solution and the burden of supporting new customer requirements prompted them to seek out an integration partner. A partner that could provide a more effective solution and help extend the capabilities of their integration. 


SAP engaged to create a desktop integration solution for SAP CRM by making their enterprise application accessible through productivity tools like Outlook and Lotus Notes, on both traditional devices, and mobile devices. Customers are now able to access the same data regardless of device, making it easier to access and update calendar and task applications. Desktop Connection for SAP CRM enables users to organize their daily appointments and tasks, find important opportunity, contact and account data, and capture communication by e-mail from Outlook and Lotus Notes. Synchronization of data between the user’s desktop and mobile environment and SAP CRM ensures that all data is current. SAP’s partnership with also allowed them to deliver new capabilities for their SAP Jam Social Platform. Customers can now embed social capabilities and processes into business applications such as CRM, human capital management or financial applications. Users have the ability to take content from email and publish it directly to SAP Jam. They can also see other members’ status, respond to issues in real time, participate in group discussions and update personal and team activities – all directly from Outlook. 


Leveraging technology, SAP has been able to enhance ease-of-use for their CRM applications and provide even greater functionality for users. Since its launch in July of 2014, over 50 SAP customers have used the Desktop Connect Professional Edition. And, internally, SAP has rolled out its SAP JAM platform where over 50,000+ users have benefitted from its collaboration capabilities. 

"Through this agreement with, we plan to provide greater functionality and ease-of-use to sales professionals on the go using SAP CRM. We believe technologies can complement SAP’s innovative technologies, including our advanced mobile technologies and the SAP HANA® platform, which we expect will deliver added value to customers." - Dr. Tim Bolte, Chief Product Owner and Senior Vice President, SAP CRM "As our customers work in many applications, our goal for SAP Jam is to ensure that customers can collaborate when and where they need it. The relationship with helps enable SAP Jam customers to smoothly bridge between productivity applications, collaboration and enterprise applications." 

- Daisy Hernandez, VP Enterprise Social Software at SAP