Oracle Case Study


In 2008 Oracle was looking for a new OEM partner to integrate their CRM applications to the desktop. Siebel CRM customers weren’t satisfied with the current integration of the product and pressure was mounting to provide a more effective solution. On Demand customers were also frustrated because the Intellisync solution in place was limited to PIM sync and wasn’t working well. Oracle turned to to build replacement solutions for these tools from the ground up as well as develop a solution for the new Sales Cloud offering. 


CRM Desktop was built to provide access to Oracle’s CRM data within the desktop productivity applications they use most – Microsoft Outlook or IBM Lotus Notes. It provides a unified sales workplace with automatic synchronization of data for Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Calendar and Tasks as well as integrating Email. Its full-featured offline access means that users get access to the same data and associations when they are offline and changes are synchronized when they reconnect. CRM Desktop acknowledges the relationships between the data, CRM validation rules and business logic within Outlook / Lotus Notes to ensure successful deployment even in highly customized CRM environments. 


CRM Desktop has played a critical role in addressing customer pain points and giving Oracle a competitive edge. Because users can access their CRM data in the tools they use most, adoption has increased, and user focus has shifted to selling, rather than learning a new system. CRM Desktop has been rolled out to over 500+ Enterprise clients and more than 500,000+ users. 

"CRM Desk top, developed by, has been instrumental in enabling Siebel customers to enjoy the full benefit of their Siebel CRM systems without leaving their personal email environment. By integrating the Siebel application right into the desk top, users can manage their Siebel CRM right within the tools they are already using on a daily basis. Our partnership with allowed them to provide the expert talent needed to develop integration solutions and allowed Oracle Siebel to focus on developing the core Siebel CRM products our customers need." – George Jacob Group VP & GM, Siebel CRM