Deltek Case Study


Deltek built an Outlook integration capability into its CRM offering called Vision. It was built around a synchronization technology solution from Intellisync. The customer feedback was mixed concerning the stability and usefulness of Deltek’s Outlook integration offering Vision. In 2009, Intellisync was acquired by Nokia and late in that year, pulled support for all of their commercial partners using their technology. Deltek turned to to quickly build a replacement solution for their clients that would address past product quality concerns and provide greatly increased functionality and add new features as well.


Connect for Microsoft Outlook integrates Deltek Vision, Deltek Costpoint, and GovWin CRM with Microsoft Outlook., It enables business development and marketing professionals to perform Vision, Costpoint, and GovWin CRM tasks in Microsoft Outlook, ensuring all sales and marketing activities are recorded in one CRM system. Connect for Microsoft Outlook offers numerous innovative capabilities, allowing business development professionals to manage their business appointments, emails and contacts, as well as manage clients, activities and opportunities – all through Microsoft Outlook. By enabling personnel to manage their CRM records directly in Microsoft Outlook, user adoption of Deltek CRM can expand significantly within organizations that use both solutions.


Leveraging technology from, Deltek was able to successfully launch Connect for Microsoft Outlook in 2010. Since its launch, over 400+ government contractors and architecture and engineering firms have purchased over 30,000 instances of the solution including organizations such as Overwatch Systems, Ltd. and Sebesta Blomberg – a nationally-recognized engineering and design services firm and one of the largest engineering firms in the United States.

"It was a struggle to k eep our CRM data maintained and current," said JJ Brantingham, CIO at Sebesta Blomberg. "With Connect for Microsoft Outlook , our users have more power and can access data through a familiar environment, mak ing adoption of this new solution smooth and simple. We didn’t have to change what we do, but overall, we're much more efficient." "Leading government contractors and professional services firms are embracing technology to streamline and improve their sales and mark eting processes," said Namita Dhallan, Executive VP, Product Strategy and Management for Deltek .“In conjunction with, we were able to deliver Connect for Microsoft Outlook to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our customers’ business development processes, and as a result, these Deltek customers are seeing a better adoption rate of their CRM software across their organizations."