Pella Case Study

Bridging the gap between a dispersed network and CRM data.


Pella wanted to increased user adoption of Oracle On Demand CRM. Users complained that data entry into the CRM application was time consuming. In addition, offline access to CRM data was lacking. Given Pella’s widely dispersed network of salespeople and outside partners, that was an issue that needed to be addressed. The company turned to to open a new window of opportunity.


Working collaboratively with Pella, went on site to analyze employees’ CRM behavior and how to best transfer it to Outlook. We designed a custom solution based on Oracle’s CRM Desktop with workflows and business logic that fit Pella’s unique style. CRM Desktop is a solution that design and developed for Oracle that allows a melding of the On Demand CRM environment to the Outlook desktop. 

Because many of Pella’s workforce is spread out, offline access was critical. We included full-featured offline access that synchronized with the CRM software so users could get access to the same data and associations when they were offline and up to date changes when they reconnected.

In addition, many of Pella’s CRM users are not internal employees, but rather external dealerships. They each have their own networks and devices. So made the CRM Desktop solution work universally, while granting different access to the dealerships than for employees.

All told, the project took two months and was delivered on time and on budget, with additional upgrades and features added later. 


The project has been a success, with improved adoption and XXX users gaining critical information from CRM Desktop every day. Pella has seen INSERT BUSINESS BENEFIT FACTS HERE (% INCREASE IN PROFITS OR EFFICIENCY, ETC). Even after three years, the company maintains an on-going relationship with to continuously improve CRM Desktop.