Honeywell Case Study

Bridging the gap from low user adoption to seamless integration.


Honeywell was faced with low user adoption of Oracle Siebel CRM. Users reported it was too time-intensive to enter data into the CRM application. In addition, offline access for field service employees needed to be enhanced. Honeywell partnered with to power its improvements.

Solution: started by going on site for a series of consultations and design sessions with key employees in the Sales department. We wanted to know exactly how CRM data was being used and how adoption could be made better. A custom solution called CRM Desktop was built with workflows and business logic customized to Honeywell.  CRM Desktop is a solution that design and developed for Oracle that allows a melding of the Oracle Siebel CRM environment to the Outlook desktop. 

After 10-12 weeks, and an on-budget implementation, CRM Desktop went live with Sales. It was an immediate success with employees. Better integration made it significantly easier for across Honeywell’s network to access the system and leverage the benefits of CRM data. We included full-featured offline access that synchronized with the CRM software so users could get access to the same data and associations when they were offline and up to date changes when they reconnected.

In fact, it was so well-received, Honeywell approached to do another version for the Services department. After another round of customization and 10-week implementation resulted in a CRM Desktop rollout for Services. 


Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for both Honeywell Sales and Services. Mobile workers in both departments report big improvements in offline access. And user adoption increased so that presently there are more than 2,000 employees using CRM Desktop. In addition, Honeywell INSERT BUSINESS FACTS HERE (% INCREASE IN PROFITS OR EFFICIENCY, ETC). After training, management of the technology was handed off to Honeywell’s internal development team. So now they are self-sufficient and making updates on their own.