Who We've Done It For

Invisible.io has developed partnerships at several levels:

ISV OEM Software

We’ve used our business processes, consulting and engineering talents, along with our library of harden assets to build custom integration solutions for these software companies.  In most cases, InvisibleSolutions designed, built, tested and prepared these solutions for the market and the software companies sold them through their channels to their end clients.  InvisibleSolutions provides advanced technology support, implementation and customization services as well as continues to updates and enhancements via our evolutionary innovation process. 

Corporate Clients

We’ve provide a wealth of services and solutions to our corporate clients.  These have ranged from deploying one of our ISV partners solutions that we customize to a client’s specific requirements to leveraging our extensive library of assets to build a solution that integrates all areas of a clients’ business operations.   Our library of technology “building block” assets made up of Connectors, Engines and Bridges means that custom solutions are delivered quickly and economically.