SmartCloud Connect Lite

Often a lot of important sales information doesn't reach CRM. SmartCloud Connect Lite brings Salesforce flavor to your workplace - Inbox.




What is SmartCloud Connect Lite for

Often a lot of important sales information doesn't reach CRM.

SmartCloud Connect Lite brings Salesforce flavor to your workplace - Inbox.

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Instantly view Salesforce insight of email

Get contacts, leads, associated accounts, opportunities, cases, planned tasks and events, Chatter feeds and more. 


Add new contacts and leads to Salesforce

SmartCloud Connect Lite pre-fills forms, making the creation of new records a matter of just few clicks.  


Record emails against any Salesforce objects

Forget about long needless “save-open-attach” and do it in one click. Including attachments! 


Quick create with information from your email

Be sure that the important business data would be timely added to Salesforce. 


Search any Salesforce record

Search and process any Salesforce record within your mailbox.  


Integrated Chatter feeds

Get an easy way to cooperate with your colleagues: access to Chatter is always available.



  • Being efficient sales person you care about time you spend, and demand best value for any minute invested.
  • SmartCloud Connect Lite is perfect time saver when it comes to email and calendaring freeing your time from manual entry and copy-paste towards talking to your prospects and closing deals.
  • And keeping your Salesforce records clean and up to date in no effort!


Feedback from our clients

"Surprisingly rich set of functionality in this free app! Using it."

Rebecca Rundell / It just works - love it!

"Of the options available for Office 365 synchronization with SalesForce, this one seems to be the most polished. We tried Cirrus Insights and the Native SalesForce app. While nothing quite compares to the combination of the Native Exchange app in combination with SalesForce for Outlook, SmartCloud Connect Lite comes the closest. It also seems to be the most stable and feature rich option for those using Outlook on Macs."

Jim Strickland / Mac Outlook Features and Stability much better!

"This one seems to be providing a decent set of features..."

John Couris / Good free app

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