[A full portfolio of ISV integrations]

A full portfolio of ISV integrations

Working with industry leaders, Invisible.io has developed a wide range of ISV integrations that add value to OEMs and deliver greater effectiveness to end users. Our products include:

Our products include:

Outlook CRMDesktop for Siebel 

Outlook CRMDesktop for Oracle On-Demand 

Lotus Notes CRMDesktop for Siebel 

Outlook CRMDesktop for Oracle SalesCloud

Outlook for SAP CRM

Outlook for SAP Jam 

Folder for SAP Jam

Instant Editing for SAP Jam

Office for SAP Jam 


Workbooks Outlook Connector

Workbooks Exchange Server Sync


Deltek Connect for Microsoft Outlook


SalesDesktop for Salesforce.com

SalesFolder for Salesforce.com 

SalesAlerts for Salesforce.com

SalesRadio for Salesforce.com


Outlook Connect for Moxie Spaces

Folder for Moxie Spaces

Instant Editing for Moxie Spaces


Outlook connection for Magnet


Amdocs Outlook Integration


SugarCRM SalesAlerts

SugarCRM SalesFolder


Netsuite for Outlook


EMC/Documentum Folders

EMC/Documentum Outlook