SalesDesktop Outlook for Salesforce
SalesDesktop Outlook for Salesforce
SalesDesktop Outlook for Salesforce
SalesDesktop Outlook for Salesforce
SalesDesktop Outlook for Salesforce
SalesDesktop Outlook for Salesforce

SalesDesktop is the perfect Integration Solution Between Salesforce and Outlook

SalesDesktop provides organizations dramatic increases in adoption by giving users access to the critical CRM data within the applications they already use most.  Because they inherently update the CRM application simply by maintaining their data through the solutions they already use, critical information within CRM applications is quickly and easily updated throughout the day.

  • Improve user adoption, productivity, and data integrity
  • Sync's Contacts, Calendar and Tasks
  • Provides associations to Account
  • Capture customer interactions easily - Associate email  with standard CRM objects
SalesDesktop Outlook for Salesforce


SalesDesktop Brings Outlook To Life By Providing Immediate Access To Your CRM Accounts, Leads, Opportunities, Products And Any Custom Object.


SalesDesktop Synchronization Runs In Both Directions. No Need To Synchronize All The CRM Records Assigned To You? Get Only The Data You Need!


Work With Your CRM Data Offline And Sync Changes Later. FLexible Sharing Options And Deduplication System Help Effectively Resolve Collisions.

SalesDesktop drives user adoption by melding Salesforce functionality into native Outlook environment increasing Salesforce adoption.

SalesDesktop allows users the ability to process email easily and effectively integrat-ing to capture all customer information, contact database, calendars and tasks in one application.   

Seamless Integration

SalesDesktop seamlessly unites the two essential applications for salespeople, and the business cornerstone, Microsoft Outlook, creating a fully-featured sales workspace inside of Outlook that works both online and offline. Enter information (Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, etc.) once and SalesDesktop automatically and transparently synchronizes your data with One-click link your emails to Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities. Capture and save emails, attachments, notes and docs to your contacts automatically, use Outlook to synchronize customer information with your handheld or PDA, and work with your vital customer information anytime, even offline. 


Offline. All objects are available whenever and wherever you need them.
Unified Workplace. Fully-featured sales workspace inside of Outlook provides access to all customer information.
Mail Processing. Automatic or one-click saving mails, attachments or notes to Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities.
Contact Management. Unified contact database linked with Accounts, support of Live Contacts Update through Plaxo.
Privacy . Easily separate personal and business contacts.

Features Include:

  • Outlook compatibility, integration and user adoption: Native extension of Outlook allows people to use Outlook intuition when working with
  • Integrated search: SalesDesktop cashes all customer information providing the ability for a quick search on the host computer
  • Background and transparent synchronization: Keeps CRM records cleanly and neatly organized locally and synchronizes all changes in the background
  • Quicker access to CRM records: SalesDesktop works right from Outlook, providing access to every facet of a CRM account. No new applications to learn or switch to
  • Convenient back up: your Contacts are backed up to; therefore you are insured against data loss
  • Live update: SalesDesktop supports Plaxo Live Contact Update to accurately maintain your Contacts freshness and relevancy
  • Intelligent filtering: The SalesDesktop sync engine is customizable and this ensures that files are transferred by rules defined by the user, thus solving the problem of huge data accounts

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