[SmartCloud Connect  announces new features!]

SmartCloud Connect announces new features!


SmartCloud Connect is a cloud application that provides a “smart window” from Outlook or Office 365 to Salesforce and synchronizes business information between Salesforce and the users Mailbox. It requires no special efforts to get enabled - anyone with Salesforce and Office365 (Outlook 2013+) accounts can enable it without involving an IT specialists or administrator. SmartCloud Connect offers a wide range of tools, which allows you to perform daily business tasks without leaving the familiar Outlook/Office365 environment and switching to Salesforce.

It’s easy to upgrade and maintain the application – since it’s in the cloud, new features are simply added to your mailbox automatically, as soon as we release them! No need to switch to a new version or re-install the product – you can start using new features immediately!

So, what’s new in SmartCloud Connect?

First, we improved Magic Pixel - a simple code embedded into your email that the recipient does not see, but it gives you insight into your customer’s actions. Magic Pixel helps you know who opens your email, when, and where. The email opening history becomes available once you open the SmartCloud Connect Office Add-On. You can see the number of openings without having to click the Magic Pixel icon and going to detailed view.


Magic pixel


We’ve also added the possibility to create different types of activities right from an email or meeting. Now you can create a new follow-up, task, event, opportunity or support case, as well as a log a call with a lead or customer. All activities are available to create from the contact card on the SmartCloud Connect Office Add-On’s main page, you don’t need to even open the detailed view for contact or lead. Just one click is needed to create new activity. Moreover, SmartCloud Connect pre-fills most of the fields with data from the email or meeting, so you don’t need to enter lots of information to create a new item in Salesforce.


 New ativities types


Log a call is a new feature that SmartCloud Connect now supports. You can call a customer when you’ve received an email for clarifying information or getting details. You can log your conversation right in your email and you don’t need to switch to Salesforce!


Log a call 1


 Log a call 2


The next feature we added is getting customer insight from social media. SmartCloud Connect will help you find a specific contact or lead in Facebook or LinkedIn and shows you all the information from their social profile. You only need one click on any social media icon and you will be automatically redirected to the contact’s social profile.




We’ve also added the possibility to use Salesforce letter templates while writing emails in Outlook or Office 365. You can choose the desired Salesforce template while composing a new email and use it for the letter.


Templates 1
Templates 2


SmartCloud Connect now gives you the possibility to work with new types of business objects – you can now work with Users. If Salesforce users are among email recipients or meeting invitees, SmartClout Connect will show all of the necessary information about them, and also allow you to assign them tasks or create activities etc.  If you work in a team you will appreciate this feature, as it allows you to distribute and manage tasks more easily and quickly than ever!




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