Worksbooks.com believes that small and mid-size businesses need ‘joined-up’ business applications, rather than separate applications with ‘silos’ of data. Their CRM and Business Editions enable clients to join-up sales, marketing, customer services, order management, fulfillment and all customer and supplier transactions to enjoy one, consistent view of their business. The problem was their clients were working in Outlook and wanted a truly consistent and accurate view through this familiar interface. They were losing deals to companies that had better integration with Outlook in spite of Workbooks.com far superior business application solution.

Workbooks and Invisible.io started discussion around this key offering in the fall of 2009 and delivered “Workbooks Outlook Connector” to the market in 2010. The new offering allows Workbooks users to integrate contacts, appointments and emails with Microsoft Outlook. This increases usability and productivity even when they are offline. In mid-2014, a Workbooks client requested a solution that would not require any Add-Ins to Outlook but yet provide some of the same functionality. In fall of 2014, Invisible.io delivered a ServerSide solution that addresses this need to complement the original Workbook Outlook Connector.