Smart Cloud Connect FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

SmartCloud Connect is an application for Outlook 2013+ and Office 365 that brings the power of Salesforce to your mailbox. It is a smart portal embedded into your personal email program and is available from inside your email or calendar. It provides access to Salesforce from Outlook and gathers information related to an email, task, or calendar event. It also allows completion of usual business tasks without leaving your email to go to

Hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure, SmartCloud Connect automatically synchronizes contacts, tasks, calendar events, etc. with Salesforce while taking customized filters, user rights, and other parameters into account. Due to ongoing synchronization, all user devices connected to Exchange can access enterprise data and can manage or update the information from any connected device or platform.

SmartCloud Connect is combination of two main parts – a synchronization engine and a mail application technology. The first part provides powerful synchronization tools which allows business data to stay up-to-date across all Exchange or Office 365 connected devices; whereas the mail app allows you to work with all types of Salesforce business records adding customization to your inbox or calendar.

As a cloud based application, SmartCloud Connect does not require any special security roles or authorization to be enabled. Any user who has an active Salesforce user license and an Office 365 or Outlook account (Windows or Mac) with Exchange can enable it without involvement of Salesforce and Exchange administrators.

Only a couple clicks are required to setup SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce!

SmartCloud Connect can bi-directionally synchronizes contacts, calendars, and tasks. It also allows you to record emails directly to Salesforce and add them to any business object’s activities log. It works on ANY email client (even without the add-in installed) and provides updated business data from Salesforce to Exchange and all connected devices: Outlook, Outlook for Mac, Outlook Web App (OWA), iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.

The SmartCloud Connect Enterprise installation guide can be downloaded here.

If you have more questions, please email us any time at [email protected].

SmartCloud Connect is available for Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 accounts. You can use different email clients and have SmartCloud Connect tools in your inbox.

If you want to have the SmartCloud Connect Office Add-In, you have to use Microsoft Outlook 2013, 2016 for Windows, Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac, OWA application (on iPhone or Android), or log into your Office 365 account in a web browser.

You can also use native applications, for example, Apple mail on Mac, Contact, Email, Calendar, and Task applications on Android or iPhone/iPad or Android, but you will only be able to use synchronization and email/attachments sharing features.

Note: In Microsoft Outlook 2010 the SmartCloud Connect Office Add-In is not available.

In Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac Microsoft Outlook 2013 is not available in a compose mode.



Yes! You can have all SmartCloud Connect features in Outlook 2016 for Mac which supports Microsoft Office Add-Ins. Please find the installation guide for Mac here.

You also can use OWA or, if you have Office 365, just log into your account in web-browser.

Please ask your administrator how to log into you Exchange account with OWA.

Note: In Microsoft Outlook 2010 the SmartCloud Connect Office Add-In is not available.

Yes! Use the Outlook Web App (OWA) for iOS or Android and you will have all functionality that you would have in the desktop version. If you do not want to install OWA app and you have an Office 365 account, you can log into your email account using a web browser.

Please ask your administrator how to log into you Exchange account with OWA.

We are actively developing the SmartCloud Connect version for Gmail and will release it soon. If you would like to be one of the first users when this is released, please send us your information to [email protected] and we will contact you as soon as the beta version is released! The beta users will receive free support for the first month and special pricing for continued use.

InvisibleSolutions offers 3 options for SmartCloud Connect:

  • SmartCloud Connect Lite
  • SmartCloud Connect Pro Monthly Plan
  • SmartCloud Connect Pro Annual Plan

Note: The only difference between monthly and annual is the price – you save money on the annual plan!

SmartCloud Connect Lite is the fully free version which allows to manage basic Salesforce business information from your email. You can access Salesforce Contacts, Leads, Accounts and Tasks and synchronize any changes you make. You can record your emails to Salesforce records and post anything directly to Chatter.

Please note the following limitations of Lite version:

  • Number of synced records is limited – 250 records
  • Search is limited – returns only 5 records
  • Supports only Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Events and Tasks, no opportunities, cases, custom objects
  • No inline editing - all edits are in Salesforce
  • No attachments recording
  • No tracking of email opens
  • No customization of fields, filters and layouts

Both Lite and Pro versions provide all synchronization power combined with many flexible mail application possibilities supported by SmartCloud Connect Office Add-In.

Main benefits of synchronization between Salesforce and Exchange are:

  • Every device, every location will show the same data
  • This gives users a wider range of devices and platforms to perform business operations in Salesforce system through different email, calendar and task applications.

The scope of synchronization is:

  • Synchronization of all new or edited contacts or leads
  • Synchronization of all new or edited calendar events
  • Synchronization of all new or edited tasks
  • Tracking of all inbound/outbound emails and attachment


Smart Cloud Connect Pro is the best option for signing up! Besides synchronization and SmartCloud Connect Office Add-In it provides additional features, like Customization, Magix pixel and more.

SmartCloud Connect Pro version allows:

  • Sync up to 10K records
  • No limitations for Search
  • Manage Cases, Opportunities and Custom Types
  • Save Email/Meeting Attachments to Salesforce
  • Provide customization tools which allow users to:
    • Customize any business object
    • Add custom fields
    • Define search and sort fields
  • Track email opens (Magic Pixel):
    • Who opened your email? Who has not read it yet?
    • When did each person open the email?
    • Where was the recipient when they opened it?
    • History of openings is available inside the email for your reference
  • In-Line Editing – add new information or edit Salesforce data without leaving your email

For all Pricing details visit SmartCloud Connect Pricing Page.

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You can download the installation guide here.

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