Mobility Engine Mobility Engine provides synchronization of a user’s enterprise contact, calendar, events and tasks to all mobile platforms working with Exchange or Gmail. It uses native mobile applications to manage this information, so updates made on mobile devices are reflected directly in the Enterprise Application.

Shared records are also enhanced by our engine. For example, a contact in your iPhone might also contain information about his or her account, associated opportunities and any trouble tickets they currently have open. The Mobility Engine inserts a link into each native contact and task on the mobile device that can be used to open an associated object for more detail or launch a browser session which takes them directly to the associated object.

Our solution offers:

  • Standard synch of PIM data (Contacts / Calendar /Task)
  • Advanced filtering so you get just the data you need
  • Updates made on the mobile device are reflected in the enterprise application
  • Shared PIM data that is enhanced with associated enterprise content
  • Support for all mobile platforms that connect to Exchange, Lotus Notes and Gmail
  • No Add-Ins