MailApp + ServerSide Sync Engine

Get the best of both worlds when you combine our Mail App Engine with our ServerSide Sync Engine. This combination effectively replaces the features and functionality of our rich client-side integration with the complexities of an add-in or a user-based sync process.

 It delivers:

  • Together the Server Side Sync and MailApp engine provide most of the functionality of the Client Desktop Engine with NO Add-Ins required
  • Simple to use as there is no User sync cycle to worry about
  • ServerSide Sync can be configured by the user to filter just the data required
  • MailApp provide realtime access to ALL corporate data associated with an email, task or calendar entry
  • Base Contact, Task and Calendar information available offline
  • Detailed enterprise records available online from within an email in Outlook


Vision MailApp

ServerSide Sync

Enhanced PIM Sync (Contacts/Calendar/Tasks)
Email and Attachment Logging
On – Line Only
MAC / Android / iOS / Web / Windows
Standard Enterprise Objects
Create New Enterprise Objects
Social Collaboration Integration
Custom Objects
Customization Tool
No Add-Ins / No Client Sync


 – Represents future Release