[Our approach to Integration]

Our approach to Integration

Integration of key information between enterprise and cloud applications and email environments is more critical than ever.

It is being driven by:

  • The need to increase personal productivity
  • The need to increase user adoption
  • The increase of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in the work environment, leading to a wide variety of platforms
  • The goal to include email communications in the workflow of enterprise and cloud applications.

Solutions designed around you.

Invisible.io addresses these growing business needs with a portfolio of proven assets. As the industry leader in integration solutions, we have proven solutions in all three major approaches: server side, client side and application specific. They each have their benefits and our experts will match your business to the one that best fits your needs.




Server Side

- Many Platforms

- No Add in

- No dedicated User Sync

- Full Contact/Calendar/Task

- Basic content shared

- Difficult to customize

Client Side

- Applications are Melded

- Rich content shared

- Full Contact/Calendar/Task shared

- Highly customizable

- Off line capability

- Add-In required

- User Sync needed

- Adds to user complexity

Application Specific

- Runs where ever email app is

- Rich content shared

- Real time updates

- Online Use Only

- Restricted to specific email client


Our products are constantly evolved and upgraded with latest technologies and methods. The solutions we implement for your enterprise continuously inherit the enhancements as part of our support. They are designed to work individually or together as one to provide a full spectrum of capabilities.