[Dedicated to your success]

Dedicated to your success

Invisible.io has a record of success with some of the most accomplished, most demanding companies in the world. How do we do it? We start with deep expertise, geographical efficiencies and a diverse portfolio of robust technology. Then we combine those assets with a total commitment to client satisfaction. Your goals become our goals. And the job is not done until we help you achieve them.

Approach to Integration Solutions


The business need to integrate enterprise applications with common programs like email has never been greater. As the industry leader, we offer all three major integration approaches: server side, client side and application specific. Each one has its advantages and our experts will match your organization to the solution that best fits your needs. Read more

Proven Platforms


Our portfolio of platforms – connectors, engines and bridges – is the toolbox used to build a solution. Whether it is one technology or a combination of several, we design everything to fit your specific needs. Once installed, the technology is continuously updated with improvements and added features. So the benefits of working with Invisible.io grow over time. Read more

Engagement Process


Over time, we’ve learned the best ways to reach client objectives. Invisible.io uses a repeatable process that ensures clear communication, shared goals and work that is on time and on budget. From technical review to a design workshop to final delivery – and everything in between – each step along the way is collaborative, efficient and proven to get results.

Industry Experience


At Invisible.io, we understand that each market and each industry has its own needs, challenges and way of working. We recognize those nuances and have the experience and technology to solve problems, create opportunities and help you work your best. 

Market segments

  • CRM
  • Social Collaboration
  • Enterprise Document Management
  • ERP
  • Human Capital Management and Recruiting
  • IT Service Management and Help Desk
  • Legal Software

Industry Segments

  • Financial Services and Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Federal
  • Consulting and Professional Services
  • Hospitality and Travel
  • HR Outsourcing