SmartCloud Connect

Successfully Extend your CRM Application in an Anytime, Anywhere World.


SmartCloud Connect is an application for Outlook 2013 and Office 365 that brings the power of Enterprise and Cloud Applications to your mailbox.  It is a smart portal embedded into your personal environment and available from inside your mailbox. It provides access for the user from Outlook to enterprise back-end applications that gets information related to an email, task or calendar event. And, it also allows users to complete usual business tasks without leaving familiar mailbox environment.

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Find the right information that is contextually related to the emails you are working with like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and Cases. 



Share and align the information that allows your team to connect and communicate like Contacts, Tasks, Calendars and email.  



Create more powerful native information by enhancing with data from CRM and other social networks and services 


SmartCloud Connect - the Smart Choice

  • It’s completely Cloud based 
  • It requires no Plug-ins or Add-ins 
  • It opens a “Smart Portal” within an Outlook email and is contextual 
  • It’s highly customizable 
  • It can read, create, delete and update and enhance
  • It will run on Windows/Mac/Web/iOS/Android transparently 
  • It's simple to deploy and updates automatically 




  • Share all your information (contacts, tasks, calendar) between your Enterprise/Cloud Application and Outlook seamlessly
  • Create New Accounts, Contacts, Projects, Opportunities, etc and add all related information to them
  • Record incoming and outgoing emails and attachments
  • Search all Salesforce objects to access the right information
  • Create, Post and Attach to Chatter feeds
  • Supports Outlook on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Web. 


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With SmartCloud Connect You Get:

  • Full guarantee that all business data is quickly added to Salesforce
  • Improved data quality – As data entry becomes easier and adoption climbs, the quality of that data – and the ways to use it – improves.
  • Save time spent on everyday Salesforce related tasks
  • Significantly increase productivity by providing a combined work environment where mailbox is consolidated by Salesforce
  • SmartCloud Connect (SCC) for Salesforce is present in ALL user’s environments and devices, and thus with one-click installation 




Benefits of SmartCloud Connect:


Outlook Cross platform - SmartCloud Connect is available for different clients: Outlook-rich clients (for Windows or Mac), Outlook Web App (through browsers) or OWA for devices, so people can choose their device and benefit from the integration of email and enterprise system, no matter which platform they are on.


Easy to deploy - Users can add SmartCloud Connect themselves once and then use it from any device connected to his Office365 account. They don’t need to install a custom application to get corporate data in their email. They simply open an email and automatically get all recent and up-to-date context dependent information from the corporate system.  


Available from anywhere - Users can use a familiar email program on their own device and still access critical enterprise data on the go. Even when they're out of the office, they can work as productively as if they were connected to enterprise applications directly.  


Easy to adopt - Because SmartCloud Connect is intuitive and simple to use, employees don’t need to spend much time learning new software or getting trained.


Reliable - SmartCloud Connect is flexible, scalable and most importantly, reliable. Because it utilizes the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, our customers get higher reliability than locally hosted applications.


Easy to extend - SmartCloud Connect is designed so that customization can be managed by metadata from the corporate system side. Because each business works differently, it’s extremely important to have the ability to customize a solution for company (or user) needs. Hard-coded mail apps don’t have near the same flexibility. 


Seamless integration - With one click, SmartCloud Connect enables a user to open an email leveraging the full power of the enterprise application.


Lower IT costs - With a simple installation process and automatic upgrade capabilities, IT departments can significantly reduce costs on managing email software and devote staff to other priorities. 


Increased user adoption – Because employees can use business software in a familiar email environment, both adoption and their performance increase.


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