Oracle On-Demand CRM Desktop
Oracle On-Demand CRM Desktop
Oracle On-Demand CRM Desktop
Oracle On-Demand CRM Desktop
Oracle On-Demand CRM Desktop
Oracle On-Demand CRM Desktop
Oracle On-Demand CRM Desktop
Oracle On-Demand CRM Desktop
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Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop increases CRM user adoption and maximizes sales productivity by providing CRM capabilities directly within Microsoft Outlook. With features such as seamless Microsoft Outlook integration, unified data, mobility, and customizability, Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop provides sales professionals access to essential CRM data, right at their fingertips.

With CRM On Demand Desktop 4.1 we have included a freely licensed version called CRM On Demand Desktop Lite that allows you to synchronize your Contacts and Activities with Microsoft Outlook.

Oracle On-Demand CRM Desktop

Increase CRM user adoption

Increase sales productivity

Minimize training and reduce costs


• Seamless Microsoft Outlook integration using familiar user interface
• Automatic two-way synchronization of data between Oracle CRM On Demand and Microsoft Outlook: Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Email, Calendar and Tasks
• Full-featured offline access
• Powerful customizations to add new objects and fields, modify UI layout and business rules for validation
• Web Mashups extend functionality into Outlook
• Online-lookup and Record pinning to synchronize data from CRM On Demand
• Synchronize by owned records or Books of Business
• Single Sign On

Increase CRM User Adoption

Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop delivers CRM functionality where and how most sales professionals like to work – from within Microsoft Outlook. All emails, calendar events, and tasks can be linked to the right Contact, Account, Lead, or Opportunity in Oracle CRM On Demand. When sending a meeting invite or an email, a single click captures the action and quietly updates Oracle CRM On Demand in the background with no extra work required.  Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop extends the forms, menus, folders, and toolbars of Microsoft Outlook, to display rich CRM data. You can use smart UI capabilities such as type-ahead filtering and auto-suggestion, or standard Microsoft Outlook personalization such as conditional formatting, thereby jointly delivering a powerful tool to increase your productivity. The familiar Microsoft Outlook UI look and feel means Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop requires minimal user training. Get up and running in no time.

Easy Access to Essential CRM functionality

Organizations require sales representatives to capture a lot of information about what
they spend their time on to keep the entire team informed. Examples include:

  • Interactions between themselves and a customer or prospect, including notes and comments
  • Regular updates to Opportunities
  • Creating new Contact records to identify key players in the Account or Opportunity
  • Keeping all contact information (phone, address, email, etc.) up to date.


That is a lot of data to keep accurate in one system, let alone two. Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop provides powerful filtering capabilities that only synchronize the most critical data from Oracle CRM On Demand, such as high priority accounts or opportunities closing this quarter, instead of the entire data set in Oracle CRM On Demand.
Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop further delivers key CRM functionality into Microsoft Outlook and extends the natural actions that sales representatives take. With a single click, you can schedule a meeting or send an email, record the interaction, and update Oracle CRM On Demand. Keeping the Address Book updated in Microsoft Outlook is second nature to most people; that modified or new record is reflected in Oracle CRM On Demand with no additional steps needed. CRM made simple.

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