[Why sales people chose Smart Cloud Connect for Salesforce?]

Why sales people chose Smart Cloud Connect for Salesforce?

We’ve asked our customers why they chose Smart Cloud Connect for Salesforce, and then aggregated their answers to share them with you:

1.       “It’s reliable”. Smart Cloud Connect fully guarantee that all business data is added to Salesforce in a timely manner. “I don’t need to switch between my Office 365 client and Salesforce, I can just create contact, add event or task and I can be sure they will be added to Salesforce in couple of minutes! ”

2.       “I can use it from anywhere!”. Smart Cloud Connect is available for you on any Microsoft Exchange or Exchange Online connected device after you signing up for service. “I can start work with my emails in the office in Outlook, and then go onsite and continue to close my sales tasks on iPad or Android. All I need is web-browser, OWA application or just default email client and internet connection, of course. I can access all Salesforce data while travelling as if I am working in the office.”

3.       “It’s easy to use”. Smart Cloud Connect doesn’t require any specific trainings, users can start work with it as soon as they sign up for the service. “I’ve spend 5 mins viewing the product tutorials and then start my work with the Smart Cloud Connect. The product design is intuitive and I didn’t have any problems with product adoption.”

4.       “It’s really helpful”. Smart Cloud Connect helps to rise productivity, improves data quality, decreases IT costs – and that’s not all! “We subscribed for Smart Cloud Connect 1 month ago, but we’ve already start having great results. We have more accurate data in Salesforce, our customer base increased by 10%, our sales managers spends 20% less time on entering data and more on closing deals, and we expecting growth of sales already in this quarter.

5.       “It “melds” Salesforce into my Inbox”. Salesforce becomes a part of the mailbox, from wherever user access emails Smart Cloud Connect gives them an easy-way to complete business tasks. “It’s really easy for me to perform my everyday Salesforce related tasks since I have all I need just in my mailbox! I’m excited that I can find needed data, log information, add files and even talk with my colleagues in Chatter without leaving my Inbox where I usually spend 80% of my business time.”

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