[Ways to increase CRM user adoption]

Ways to increase CRM user adoption

CRM market still gathering pace. Last automatization trends shows that investments in CRM has continued to be strong. If the company plan to be effective, wants to grow customer satisfaction and plan to react fast on changing of customer needs, it comes to implementation of CRM system.

But at the same time, Forrester research found that 49 % of CRM projects failed. Other researches worn that number is even bigger. Many of CRM adopters reports that CRM didn’t make their business process effective, made data clear and helped to attract and retain more customers.

One of the main reasons why CRM projects fall is poor user adoption. More than 42% interviewed people indicate this reason among inadequate change management, insufficient training, and alignment of organizational culture. It happens when integrator or project team pay insufficient attention to user needs and force them to use CRM software in which users don’t see any benefit for them personally. Project teams and integrators develop whole strategies on how to increase user productivity and motivate them to enter data into CRM system. But eventually they don’t work.

Experts recommend to change user’s behavior, not technology. One of the ways us to involve end users at the basic stage of the project and show them all product benefits. Listen their feedback and apply suggestions.

You can also train your users better, simplify CRM UI, reword best contributors and motivate people to use your software.

But it does not guarantee that users will love your CRM.

We have something better and can provide more effective way to make your product a part of users life.

The answer is integration. When you don’t force people to stick with your software, but meld CRM tools into his native environment. You can bring an additional value for him adding new features to users well known applications, which he uses for communicating with customers, like email client or calendar. You need to provide user possibility to log data and access all needed business information from corporate system just form inside his email or meeting for example. Try to provide also as much automatization as possible, for tracking interactions, use fields pre-filling while creating new CRM records, add smart features which can help user to close deals faster – follow up recommendations, smart searches, integrated communication channels, like IP telephony or chat. Try to make your CRM a best friend for the user, and you’ll win the game!

The benefits for the user are easy to prove, and they are obvious for him:

  • No need to switch between different applications;
  • No double entering of business data;
  • No need to learn new software;
  • Ability to use familiar environment and devices;
  • Lots of data add to CRM automatically, which save time significantly.

It’s also a way to demonstrate of getting fast results from CRM implementation for decision makers and C-level managers:

  • No long user trainings;
  • Users work as they used – no rejection of new CRM software;
  • Fast growing of business data in CRM;
  • Data in CRM is clean;
  • Productivity is rising, since employee can perform their tasks from anywhere, even using their personal devices.
  • People become more mobile, having access to corporate data being in fields as if they’d work at the office;
  • Sales cycle becomes shorter which results in sales boosting.

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