[Smart Cloud Connect for Salesforce on Mac]

Smart Cloud Connect for Salesforce on Mac


If you are a Mac user and you spend a lot of time reading and writing emails, answering calls and struggling to close your deals; if you work with Salesforce and have email account on Microsoft Office365 or use Outlook 2016 for Mac as email client; if you want to optimize your time, rise your productivity and get more from your business - Smart Cloud Connect can provide you new great opportunities!

We offer you Smart Cloud Connect Lite version as a basic offering, and Smart Cloud Connect Enterprise if you want to add bi-directional synchronization of contacts, calendar events and tasks between your Exchange and Salesforce.

Smart Cloud Connect Lite provides you a “window” from an email client (Outlook 2016 for Mac or Office 365) to Salesforce. It takes context-dependent content inside the email or calendar event and applies it to the enterprise application, retrieving and sharing important information from inside the item. So you can remain in your comfortable, native email environment and leverage corporate data. Smart Cloud Connect makes using cloud and Salesforce as easy as using email!




Smart Cloud Connect Lite allows you to:


  • Browse contact-related Salesforce data from an email/calendar item;
  • Create new objects in Salesforce from an email/calendar item;
  • Log email/calendar items against objects like opportunities, cases, orders, contracts, invoices etc;
  • Save attachments from an email/calendar item in Salesforce;
  • Search data in Salesforce directly from email or calendar item;
  • Post messages, emails and attachments in Chatter to share with other employees.


Smart Cloud Connect Lite benefits are:


  • Easy to deploy - you can add Smart Cloud Connect Lite yourself once and then use it from anywhere. You don’t need to install a custom application to get corporate data in your email. You simply open and email and automatically get all recent and up-to-date context dependent information from Salesforce.
  • Easy to adopt - because Smart Cloud Connect Lite is intuitive and simple to use, you don’t need to spend much time learning new software or getting trained.
  • Seamless integration - with one click, Smart Cloud Connect Lite enables you to open an email leveraging the full power of the enterprise application.
  • Reliable - Smart Cloud Connect Lite is flexible, scalable and most importantly, reliable. Because it utilizes the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, our customers get higher reliability than locally hosted applications.
  • Available from anywhere - users use Outlook on their own devices and access critical enterprise data on the go. Even when you’re out of the office, you can work as productively as if you were connected to enterprise applications directly.
  • Easy to extend - Smart Cloud Connect Lite is designed so that customization can be managed by metadata from the mail app side. Because each business works differently, it’s extremely important to have the ability to customize a solution for company (or user) needs. Hard-coded mail apps don’t have near the same flexibility.

With Smart Cloud Connect Lite, key information and the ability to act on it, is at your fingertips.

You can make faster, more informed business decisions, working directly from Office 365 account or Outlook for Mac. You can find out about customer interactions, planned meetings, open deals, concluded contracts, service requests, complaints, and more.


Just add Smart Cloud Connect Lite from Office Store you can see our mail app inside your emails or calendar items.

Forget about switching between your email client and Salesforce! Now you can easily access your Salesforce business data directly from your inbox.

Click here to get started with installation.

You can also get FULL features if you sign up for Smart Cloud Connect Enterprise.

Hosted on a Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure, Smart Cloud Connect Enterprise automatically synchronizes your contacts, tasks and events with Salesforce, taking into account customized filters, user rights and other parameters. So all changes of objects made in Salesforce will be brought into your Outlook or Office 365 account and vice versa. Once in Exchange, all your Exchange connected devices – iPhone, iPad, Android devices etc. - get the enterprise data and can manage and update the information natively.


With Smart Cloud Connect Enterprise you can create business records and share them with colleagues, simultaneously update data on the Exchange server and Salesforce, get up-to-date business information, share emails, sync attachments and much more!


Sign Up for Smart Cloud Connect Enterprise 1 month trial here - no credit card required.

Feel free to ask about any integration services you need: [email protected]