[Salesforce Chatter integration for Exchange/Office365 with Smart Cloud Connect Lite]

Salesforce Chatter integration for Exchange/Office365 with Smart Cloud Connect Lite


Chatter is a very popular enterprise social network, which is tightly integrated with Salesforce. With Chatter employees can share files, form groups, share questions and answers, do polls and more. 

If you work in Sales, Service or Customer Success team, you likely deal with tons of emails every day, spending more than 30% of your business day reading and writing emails or setting up meetings. If you use Salesforce Chatter for communicating with your colleagues, share customer information and files from email messages with them, we can make your life easier adding some valuable Chatter features right inside your email or meeting! If you use Outlook or Office 365 client, with Smart Cloud Connect Lite you can:

1) Post messages into Chatter feeds just from inside the email or meeting.


Smart Cloud Connect Lite gives you an easy-way to post messages to your Chatter feeds and cooperate with your colleagues. Access to Chatter is available from every single Salesforce object in Smart Cloud Connect Lite.

Example: You receive an email from your customer. You want to send a message to your sales team based on the email content:

Chatter 1

Now your team member can see your comment in Salesforce or in their Smart Cloud Connect Lite UI:

Chatter 2

2) Share emails and attachments through Chatter with colleagues, adding them into Chatter feeds.


Sharing your emails attachments with colleagues is easy as never before, couple clicks and you’re done!

Example: If you need to add to share email with your colleagues, you don’t need to forward it. You can post email content right into the Chatter feed from email:

Chatter 3


Add email attachments if you need to share them too:

Chatter 4


Chatter 5


Now you’re done!

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