[Customize everything! How customization works in SmartCloud Connect?]

Customize everything! How customization works in SmartCloud Connect?


Did you know that with SmartCloud Connect you can easy customize your business objects and fields you need to have access from email or calendar item? It's pretty simple, as one-two-three!

Here’s how:

1. Click  on Gear icon in the upper right corner of Mail app:




2. Choose the Business Object you want to see in SmartCloud Connect mail app view OR copy settings from one of your colleagues:




3. Add required fields which you can have in business record Overview. You can also set the appropriate sort order for this object type and filter:



4. Click Customize more and choose proper fields for the detailed record view and their UI layout:


Use search to find the field from the list fast:




5. Save your changes and go back to your mail app:




6. You see the new object type appeared in accordance with your changes!




You’re done!

Now you can work with personalized ‘Window to Salesforce’ in your email client!

As soon as new created custom object appears in Salesforce it’s also available for adding in SmartCloud Connect.

Any business object from Salesforce – Opportunity, Case, Contract, Order, Claim etc – is now available in SmartCloud Connect. You can create new records of this object type, add information, edit data – and all in your email client!

Watch the video on how to add new Salesforce object to SmartCloud Connect:


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