[10 Best Salesforce Apps - “Time Savers”]

10 Best Salesforce Apps - “Time Savers”

There are a lot of apps on AppExchange, which can help you to improve sales productivity, automate routine, add integration or add helpful business tools to your workplace. Today we want to share with you our review of the top 10 Salesforce Apps “time savers”, which can also significantly reduce the amount of time spent on business operations and giving additional value from an effectiveness point of view.


1.     Business Card Reader 

With this app you can scan business cards and export them into Salesforce. It recognizes cards right from your iPhone and from there, they are added to Salesforce as Contacts, Accounts and Leads. The process takes only seconds, and eliminates the need of adding business information manually. It supports up to 15 languages. It has free demo version.


2.     Contact Capture by RingLead 

You can capture contact information from email signatures, web-sites, spreadsheets, pdf-documents and add them into Salesforce. Contact Capture has duplicate detection, allowing you to easily merge new data with existing Leads, Contacts and Accounts. You can export data to Evernote, and it supports LinkedIn. Free for up to 25 users.


3.     Conga Composer 

Conga allows you to create documents, presentations and reports from Salesforce using a variety of templates. It supports multiple formats, such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, email, and PDFs. With Conga Composer you can forget about copy-pasting and spent more time on important business tasks. Provides a free 30-day trial.

4.     Ebsta for LinkedIn 

You know about the importance of having a full customer overview including their social media profiles. LinkedIn is one of the main sites for getting business information about contacts. Ebsta allows you to put Salesforce into LinkedIn – you can view Salesforce records alongside LinkedIn profiles. It also provides relational alerts. You don’t need to search the person from LinkedIn in Salesforce and compare their profiles – Ebsta can do this for you! It comes as a Google Chrome plug-in. Free for the first 3 installs.


5.     InvisibleDialer

InvisibleDialer allows you to create predefined call lists using standard Salesforce.com reporting and assign it to yourself or your colleagues. You can dial through selected call lists automatically and get other work done until you get a response.

While on a call, you can follow the pre-defined scripts and record all notes and information instantly. Once your call is done, InvisibleDialer will record everything in Salesforce.com – who was called, when, meeting notes, and the outcome – giving you more time to move on to the next lead and accomplish more in one day. It provides click statistics in each call list, each sales executive, and the whole organization so you can see who has been the most productive or which prospects need more attention.

It works with any device that has an Internet browser, speakers, and microphone. No additional hardware is needed. Offers a free trial.

6.     MapAnything 

MapAnything is a native app that provides territory management, proximity-based searching, and visualization maps. Optimize travel routes, verify check-ins, and view real-time traffic in Salesforce. No need to switch between Google Maps and Salesforce. You can log calls, update records, send emails & create new tasks for yourself and your colleagues just from the map. Offers a free trial.


7.     OrgChartPlus

This app allows you to create org charts of your client organizations and add them to accounts and opportunities. It uses formal and informal relationships between your contacts, sales team and competitors to create decision trees or power maps, which can significantly save you time when you develop new opportunities or winning sales plans. OrgChartPlus is fully customizable allowing you to display custom fields and images, using your own corporate language and color coding.


8.     Sales Pipeline Analytics by InsightSquared 

Allows you to see pipeline history in a single interactive chart with historical data in Salesforce. By comparing past revenue to past pipeline volume, you can better predict if you have enough pipeline to hit your goals. You can monitor your pipeline broken down by sales stages and optimize your sales plan without applying heavy sales analytics. It’s a fully free app.


9.     SmartCloud Connect

SmartCloud Connect is a personal sales assistant in your Inbox. It provides an Office Add-In with the most essential Salesforce tools, which helps you to work in your native environment – Outlook or Office 365 – and perform all business tasks without leaving your email application. You can instantly get all information from Salesforce about Contacts, Accounts, Leads, Cases, Opportunities etc. and any other related record (including custom), record emails and attachments, create business records and edit them right from your email or meeting. It also offers a wide range of intelligent tools which adds additional value to help you perform your business tasks more quickly and smart – Chatter integration, Magic Pixel for tracking emails, Customization etc.

SmartCloud Conect also provides a bi-directional synchronization and can sync your Contacts, Activities and Task between any Exchange connected device and Salesforce.

Provides a fully free PRO version. You can get more details here.


10. X-Author for Excel

Still love your Microsoft Excel? Then this app is for you! It makes Excel a complete user interface for Salesforce and can update opportunities, assign leads, create quotes, upload data and more! You can also create and update Salesforce records from Excel, use Salesforce picklists, use Excel analytics with live Salesforce data, communicate in Chatter from Microsoft Office etc. X-Author is a paid app.