Trusted partner since 2007

Invisible.io has been working with Oracle for years on integrating key CRM solutions for their customers. We worked directly with Oracle's clients worldwide to provide highly customized solutions that meets all of the needs of the customer to more easily work with Oracle offerings. We've created and support:


  • CRM Desktop for Siebel
  • CRM Desktop for On-Demand
  • CRM Desktop for SalesCloud
  • invisibleStudio 1.0



We've also created a number of vertical industry "flavors" or CRM Desktop to provide increased value for Oracle's clients.

"CRM Desktop, developed by invisibleSolutions, has been instrumental in enabling Siebel customers to enjoy the full benefit of their Siebel CRM systems without leaving their personal email environment. By integrating the Siebel application right into the desktop, users can manage their Siebel CRM right within the tools they are already using on a daily basis. Our partnership with Invisible.io allowed them to provide the expert talent needed to develop integration solutions and allowed Oracle Siebel to focus on developing the core Siebel CRM products our customers need."


George Jacob, Group VP & GM, Siebel CRM