Trusted Partner since 2005

Invisible.io has worked with Microsoft technology since our start in 2005.  In 2007, Bill Gates highlighted our partnership during a discussion about Microsoft Office integration.   In 2013, Invisible.io worked with Microsoft on various projects that launched new offerings including the integration between Dynamics CRM and Office 365.  We continue to leverage Microsoft technologies in our work with Software ISV's and corporate clients.


“We applaud Invisible.io for the innovative work they have done in bridging business applications with Microsoft technologies. By integrating their Web-based Business Applications with the Microsoft Windows environment, Invisible.io is enabling customers to preserve the familiar user experience of Microsoft Outlook to create a seamless transition between the application and desktop. We find this offering to be of real value to our mutual customers.”

– Sanjay Parthasarathy, Corporate VP, Microsoft


"More productivity in Outlook's familiar environment!"

"Millions of people around the world use Microsoft Outlook on a daily basis to connect with people, schedule meetings and get work done.  With partners like Invisible.io building offerings that connect back-end systems with Outlook, people can be even more product in Outlook's familiar environment."

– Chris Capossela,  Senior Vice President, Information Worker Product Management Group, Microsoft