[Build your business on proven platforms]

Build your business on proven platforms

Invisible.io has a portfolio of “Harden Assets” that form the cornerstone of our integration solutions. This building block approach allows us to develop high-quality solutions, on schedule, at very reasonable costs. As we continue to innovate and improve each asset, we pass along the enhancements to the solutions that are built with these tools, providing our clients with a never ending evolution of innovations.

Our asset portfolio consists of four major components:



Connectors provide the ability to communicate with enterprise or cloud applications and bring these systems' information into an integration solution. Typically the information is shared bi-directionally and includes data objects and fields, relationships between the data objects, business rules, workflow process and other customized aspects of the enterprise/cloud system. These connectors are re-usable and are constantly updated to improve synchronization performance and support new versions of the systems.


Our industry connectors include:


  • Amdocs 
  • EMC/Documentum 
  • SugarCRM 
  • NetSuite 
  • Siebel 
  • Oracle CRM On-Demand 
  • Oracle Sales Cloud 
  • Salesforce.com 
  • SAP CRM 
  • SAP Jam 
  • Microsoft 
  • Moxie 
  • Magnet 
  • Deltek 
  • Workbooks 
  • bpm’online sales 
  • Webex


Engines are the core of our integration solutions and provide the intelligence to share information between various platforms. Our engines ensure that information flows smoothly from application to user and back in a seamless, “invisible” way. Infrastructure demands – security, authentication, user authorization and usage statistics – are all managed by the engine component. Each engine provides different characteristics that are matched to specific client integration requirements. We currently offer four main integration engines:



InvisibleSync Engine


The InvisibleSync Engine creates a bi-directional full sync between enterprise applications and users’ desktops. It offers:


  • Transaction safety and the ability to work with large amounts of data. 
  • Filtering mechanism with data hierarchy support. 
  • Data compression.  
  • Conflict resolution with data merge. 
  • Background silent running. 
  • Automatic, scheduled starting.


ServerSide Sync Engine


The ServerSide Sync Engine offers simple sharing of “enhanced” enterprise data with native user environments like Outlook, Gmail and Office 365. 


  • Requires no “add-ins” or actions from the end users. 
  • Integrates with native contacts, task and calendar events. 
  • Provides capability to save emails to enterprise objects like contacts, accounts and opportunities. 
  • Enhances basic PIM data with information from the enterprise/cloud application using native fields. 
  • Works on any platform including Windows, iOS, Mac, Android and Web.


MailApp Engine


Microsoft’s MailApp focuses on the specific Outlook client on all platforms – Windows, Office365 (Cloud), Mac and coming soon, iOS and Android. The MailApp technology is part of Exchange Server 2013 and requires no plug-in, yet provides a rich user experience similar to the client-side integration. Working in real time, our engine opens a window within an Outlook email and is contextual. It scans the email addresses of all recipients and finds the enterprise data objects associated with them. It delivers:


  • Detailed enterprise records and information in Outlook that allows the user to view, update, delete and create without ever leaving email. 
  • Single-click logging of email and related attachments to the proper associated enterprise objects. 
  • Highly customizable UI and enterprise contents. 
  • The ability to query additional objects that may not be directly related to an email. 
  • Functionality with emails, calendar entries and tasks.
  • Automatic updates.

Insightful – Business Relationship Engine


This solution helps reveal the strength and timeliness of relationships in your organization with prospects, potential clients and current customers. Insightful helps you reach the potential benefits of social technology. 

  • Helps enterprise organizations uncover the data they already have. 
  • Reduces the time needed to find the right person or the right knowledge.
  • Lowers the number of unnecessary communications through a gamification process.
  • Integrates into the daily routines of employees, increasing adoption.



Bridges provide the integration solution its own distinctive personality. Many times the project requires integration into a familiar platform that is easy to use and comfortable to the user. The enterprise or cloud application will need to leverage the familiar user interface, which might require custom native forms, drag and drop support and type ahead look up which is not part of the corporate application. The Bridges melds the functionality of the enterprise application into this accustomed user environment.

Here are some of our latest Bridge components:

Outlook Bridge


This Outlook-based platform tightly integrates corporate applications with Microsoft Outlook in a way that users don’t even see the difference between the two applications.


  • Drives greater user adoption of the enterprise application by melding an application’s functionality into the native Outlook environment. 
  • Allows users to process mail easily and effectively.
  • Offers all customer information, contact databases, calendars and tasks in one location. 
  • Maps all the data available on enterprise applications to Microsoft Outlook-relevant folders, so users can create, modify or delete the enterprise application’s records quickly (according to user's security rights).

Lotus Notes Bridge


This Notes-based platform, tightly integrates corporate applications with Lotus Notes in a way that users even don’t see the difference between the two applications.


  • Drives greater user adoption of the enterprise application by melding an application’s functionality into the native Outlook environment. 
  • Allows users to process mail easily and effectively. 
  • Offers all customer information, contact databases, calendars and tasks in one location. 
  • Maps all the data available on enterprise applications to Lotus Notes-relevant folders, so users can create, modify or delete the enterprise application’s records quickly (according to user's security rights).

Gmail and Google Apps Bridge


This solution provides deep integration of cloud or enterprise applications into the Google Apps interface with full access to all records.


  • Provides the ability to create, manage and delete any cloud or enterprise app record data or field from within the Google App. 
  • Gives contextual focus so information relating to the email conversation is automatically presented. 
  • Relationship structure of the objects is presented and managed in the Google App interface. 
  • Enables full workflow support. 
  • Offers the ability to associate all incoming and outgoing email to the appropriate object.

Folder Bridge


This solution allows access to documents from a corporate repository via the Windows folders. It offers:


  • Offline access to a remote document repository.
  • Easy document uploading using the Drop Zone (Save As and Sent To).
  • Customizable folder structure and file naming templates.
  • Integrated search with the standard Windows search tools.
  • Automatic backup of user documents, using a remote system.
  • Automatic document sharing and distribution.

Mobile Bridge


InvisibleSolutions’ Mobile Bridge provides synchronization of a user’s enterprise contacts, calendar, events and tasks to all mobile platforms working with Exchange or Gmail. It uses native mobile applications to manage this information. Shared records are also enhanced by our engine. For example, a contact in your iPhone might also contain information about his or her account, associated opportunities and trouble tickets they currently have open. The Mobile Bridge inserts a link into each native contact and task on the mobile device that can be used to open an associated object for more detail or launch a browser session which takes them directly to the associated object. Our solution offers:


  • Standard synch of PIM data (Contacts / Calendar /Tasks).
  • Advanced filtering so you get just the data you need.
  • Updates made on the mobile device are reflected in the enterprise application.
  • Shared PIM data that is enhanced with associated enterprise content.
  • Support for all mobile platforms that connect to Exchange, Lotus Notes and Gmail.
  • No Add-Ins.
  • Captures all customer interactions from multiple devices to gain a 360° view.
  • Synchronize the cloud or enterprise application and the email server without software installation.
  • Leverages standard UI on all devices, providing critical data to users in one location.




With AlertsBridge users receive alerts and notifications when changes are made to corporate documents and can leverage an auto-complete search window to find any data they need from business applications in just a few clicks.


  • Eliminates the need for users to log into relevant business applications or ask colleagues for updates. 
  • Provides alerts, notifications and updates if a change is made to corporate document of interest.
  • Boosts productivity by saving employees time searching for information.

Social Collaboration Bridge


The Social Collaboration Bridge enables you to easily increase user productivity by pulling in and aggregating social information within the Microsoft Outlook user interface. It helps you:


  • Eliminate the need to log into relevant business applications to gain insight into a user’s social or business profile.
  • Provide two-way interaction to view, post and update. 
  • Provide feeds and profile information from services like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Provide interaction to private services like Salesforce.com’s Chatter, SAP’s Jam or Deltek’s Kona offerings. 

Context Bridge


The ContextBridge recognizes and highlights key data in emails and then consolidates and displays relevant connected objects to the identified information within Microsoft Outlook. This tool excels at enhancing productivity and eliminating wasted time.


  • Quickly query an Enterprise/Cloud application for information that is relevant to an object mentioned in an email or other data object.
  • Allows the user to not only explore data named in the email (i.e. look at a User’s profile based on an email) but also discover information related to that data (i.e. Opportunities or Trouble Tickets related to a specific User).

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

InvisibleStudio IDE is a unique solution that makes customizing our integration solutions fast, easy and affordable.

Provides an easy way for an administrator to update our integration solution to incorporate:

  • Custom Data Objects and Fields
  • Custom Form Layout
  • Custom Business Logic
  • Custom Workflow Rules
  • Pulls Metadata from the Enterprise / Cloud application
  • Allows Administrator to Drag and Drop assets and information.
  • No install required, runs from USB stick, requiring only .NET 4.0
  • Solid IDE with features developers feel familiar with
  • Delivers productivity in minutes.
  • Automates basic scenarios
  • Provides wizards to automate complex tasks