[A roadmap to exceeding expectations]

A roadmap to exceeding expectations

The Invisible.io team works with both Fortune 500 software companies and corporate clients and smaller start-ups. Our diverse experience has helped us develop a repeatable process that ensures projects are completed on time and on budget. We’ve found these steps result in clear communications, shared goals and exceeded expectations.




Discovery is about learning what our clients need, their strategic objectives, their goals, and their expected outcomes.  The aim of discovery is to eliminate hunches and subjective views and focus on our client’s requirements and timescales and budgets. It is a process that, if executed well, can generate new ideas, combines them to form potential opportunities, and then identifies the most promising ones for analysis of what possible integration solutions may yield. 

Technical Review


Our technical review is a form of 2-way peer collaboration in which a team of qualified personnel examines the suitability of our integration architecture and approach for its intended use in solving a customer need.  At the same time, our team is review the requirements, API and specifications to determine if our firm is a good fit to tackle the integration challenges.  We focus on identifying discrepancies to our API communication requirements and interfaces.  Technical reviews may also provide recommendations of alternatives and examination of the various alternatives ability to meet all of a client’s requirements.


Jumpstart Start Workshop


This workshop is a formal requirements design and development based on our understanding a client’s end objectives.   We focus on analysis of the how we’ll solve a specific integration issue, scope the design and development efforts needed, work on required performance and sizing data and drive the detailed discussions needed to develop a detailed work plan that includes assets, works needed, gap analysis of a client’s API set, customer responsibilities, project phases and calendar commitments. 



Our proposal is a detail scope of work that covers all assumptions, documents client requirements and constraints, reviewed the detailed work plan include commitments needed from the client, cost and timing commitments.  We also include standard contract terms listing expectations of what each partner requires of the other so we are all crystal clear on what needs to be accomplished, how is will be designed and delivery, by when and for what costs.

Detailed Design Workshop 


The objective of the workshop is to create a step by step guide for rapidly creating a shared vision for execution.  We focus on detailed planning the quickly creates a shared understanding of objectives and buy-in for and execution approach.  Like an architect examines each board, rafter, beam and window, our team delves into the details with our client, documenting the design along the way.  If a team sets a good strong foundation and documents a well thought out design specification, the team builds and excellent launch pad for a successful project.

Development / Milestones


Project management and the ability to effectively communicate back to the client team, manage delivery commitments from both sides and to drive the project to successfully achieve each milestone are the hallmarks of our Solution Project executives.  We measure ourselves on consistently maintaining milestone commitments, costs and effective communications all the way through to delivery.



Our delivery is normal scheduled over multiple phases so we can gain quick feedback that can immediately by folded into our development process.   Our project all have multiple delivery phases to ensure that when the final solution is implemented, it is exactly what the clients has expected.



We have a formal acceptance process that includes debriefing development, asset delivery, training, support plans and documented release notes for each phase.  We require formal client acceptance to ensure complete satisfaction with our services.