ServerSide Sync Engine


InvisibleSolutions ServerSide Sync Engine integrates directly with exchange, allowing users to access enterprise data on multiple platforms on multiple devices. It delivers:

  • Personal Information Management (PIM) of standard objects (Contacts/Task/Calendar)
  • Native objects enhanced with CRM data (read only)
  • Customizable native objects with enhanced CRM data like accounts, opportunities, cases, etc.
  • Fast URL links to enterprise objects
  • Enhanced CRM data that can be customized by client
  • Standard PIM data is updateable and syncs bi-directionally
  • Enhanced enterprise data is (read only)
Initial Set up Screen

User Configuration of Rules

Synchronization Dashboard ServerSync provides the sharing of standard data like Contact, Calendaring and Task but also “Enhances” data with information from the Enterprise/Cloud Application. You can select any information from your Enterprise/Cloud application to imbed in your native Contacts, Tasks and Calendar entries for use offline. This reference data is read only but helps the user add context to shared data. For example, a customer contact record can show Order Status, Open Trouble Tickets, Proposals on the table, etc. Any device that can communicate with Exchange now has access to this corporate data including iPhones, iPads, Macs, Android and even web browser based email clients. The “Fast Link” URL can open an existing mobile app if available to provide more details directly from a native data record. If there is not mobile app, “Fast Link” can open a browser session, automatically authenticate the user and open the associated Enterprise/Cloud object in the window for detailed information.